Purchase tickets online here with credit card or paypal until the day before the performance. ‘Expired’ tickets are still available at the door, text your reservation to us! 306.683.9460

I bought online – where’s my ticket?

This system sends you 2 emails:
1. A ‘Ticket’ email.  This contains your link to your printable tickets. You can print this out or show it to us on your phone.  The system will bring one ticket per person attending.  We will also have a list of paid patrons at the door.  If you have any questions email info{at}wideopen{dot}ca or text us 306.683.9460
2. Paypal will send you a notification of payment made to Wide Open.

Where are my free tickets?

If you purchase tickets to the princess and pirate party we will email you a coupon codes for the same number of tickets for free.  If you buy three tickets, you will get three coupon codes.  They can also be found in the my account area.  These coupons are for any performance of Three October 21-30th they have no cash value and are not available for any other production.

I bought season tickets, how do I get my tickets?

When you purchase season tickets online you are added to our season ticket membership list.  Check out your ‘my account‘ page to see your membership.  Choose ‘view’ to see ‘my products’.  On this page you can book your tickets to our performances!  The number of tickets reserved will be the same as the number of tickets on your season subscription.  NOTE: These tickets are not available from the home page and will be listed as FREE in your cart.  Need more tickets?  Purchase them from the regular home page.  Confused?  just text your name and performance date and time to 306. 683. 9460.  FYI- Season ticket holders will be able to access bonus content from this my account page as well.

What Payment Methods do you accept?

The Paypal button will allow you to pay online with paypal or with credit card.  You do not have to have a paypal account to use this feature.  Choose ‘pay without signing up’ to enter your credit card information.

Show tickets online says ‘Expired’?

We sell tickets online until an hour before the performance.  After this you may buy tickets at the door.  If there are no tickets remaining it will say ‘sold out’.  ‘Expired’ tickets are still available at the door with cash or credit.  Doors open 1/2 hour to show time.

Do you have a coupon?  

Enter your coupon code at checkout.

What can we expect at the venue?

The Refinery is a split level.  The lobby and box office is located in the basement.  The performance space and ladies washroom is upstairs.  Check in at the box office on arrival to buy tickets or pick up online tickets. We have a concession with coffee, juice and treats.  There are tables, chairs, books to read and colouring while you wait for the performance to begin.  We open the performance space 5 minutes before the show starts and you can make your way upstairs.  There are no assigned seats and lots of carpet space for people to sit up close to the theatre.  See Samuel give us a tour of the lobby here.  And a tour of the theatre here.

Can we take Photos?

There are no photography or videos allowed of the performances.  After the show is over we will come out with some puppets for photos with you and your kids.  We love to see these shots!  Post them on our facebook page to share 😉