Event description

By Crispi Lord

In this unique retelling Henny Penny and Chicken Little take on the big Foxy Loxy in the sky as they fight to figure out why the sky is falling and who will help bake that infamous bread.  Songs, sillies and audience participation join shadow puppets, hand puppets and live actors in this family show!

Live tickets below for the following dates and times:
Sat Oct 22@11am, Sun Oct 23@11am & 2pm, Sat Oct 29@11am, Sun Oct 30@11am & 2pm,
Add ONE online ‘add on’ to see the show again from home!

Learning outcomes: embracing our differences, less is more, time together is the greatest gift
45 minutes
Shadow Puppets, Hand Puppets, Live Actors

Live events will follow active public health guidlines.
Online viewing options will be available