Event description

Introducing kids art kits!

These at home kits feature weekly crafts and extras with a ‘watch anytime’ video link.  The video features craft along, a story and a song.  Come play with Crispi in Art Lab!

Supplies for each craft included in the kit but you will need to have:
– clothes that can get messy,
– a surface to work on (you can tape a garbage bag to a table to protect it),
-age apropriate scissors,
-a pencil and eraser.
-if you already have a craft bin with crayons, markers, pencil crayons etc. you can keep that handy too.
– Children 2-3 should have an adult craft along with them.
– Children 7-12 should also have a hot glue gun (we recomend a low temperature gun and keep it unplugged except when using it) and a stick/dowel/old pencil to press things when using hot glue (to keep your fingers away).
-Keep any extra supplies from kits as they can be used with future kits!  You don’t need to keep it all but keep a bag handy for useful looking items.

Classes with less than 3 participants will be canceled.

DATES: Once you register we will contact you to confirm your date.  We can accomidate your schedule and work with you to find the perfect start date. With usual deliveries happening on Sundays.

Outside Saskatoon: There will be a shipping fee required.