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Get Wide Open on your team! (is this link not working? ‘open in new tab’ seems to work for us)

Not only does Wide Open produce a TYA season and tour but we also help other companies!

What services do we offer?  What don’t we offer!  Read about it below and when you want to chat drop us an email info at wideopen.ca

TYA dramaturgical support: Want to write a show for young people? Want to explore your script with us?  We do that!  Script support, script readings, artist feedback.

Puppet Design: We have been designing puppets for 19 years and we would love to use that expertice to bring more emotional range to the puppets for your productions.  We have extensive experience with Hand Puppets, Table Top Puppets, Found Object Puppetry and Shadow Puppets.  Crispi Lord was nominated for a SATAward for design on Stumped Productions/Shakespeare on The Saskatchewan’s Titus A. puppet.revenge.  and again for design with Dancing Sky Theatre’s The Snow Queen.

Puppet Building: We also build puppets and props!

Consultation: Designing your own puppets?  Its a tricky mix of design structure and asthetics.  Use our knowledge to support your work!  Waste less time, resources and money by picking our brains about your design plans!

Puppet Choreography: Yup – that’s a thing!  We can help you learn how to most effectively use your puppets to tell your story.  You may have seen our work on Titus A. at Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan.

Ensemble Production: We have extensive experience creating and negating theatre created by/with groups of artists.  There is a fine art to creating work together and we would love to lead you through the process!  Workshops and consultations available.  Including consultations on making collective agreements in a group.

Workshop Rentals: We have space! Looking for a place to build props or costumes for your next show? How about a small rehearsal, a table read or small public reading? We have space set up for building, sewing, and performing for groups up to 20 people.

Hiring: Wide Open hires actors/creators/puppeteers!  Email info at wideopen.ca with your headshot and resume.

Our founding member and Artistic Director/Head Puppet Wrangler is Crispi Lord.  She is a proud graduate of The Dell Arte International School of Physical Theatre.  We look forward  to  helping  you create  outstanding  theatre!