Technical Requirements

Wide Open performs in your gym or auditorium for up to 300 students at a time. We travel with 
our own lights and sound system and require access to a standard electrical outlet. Our set up space is approximately 20’ x 20’. The students may be seated on the floor or mats with teachers on either side in chairs. We are happy to help with seating and set up upon arrival. 
No photos or videos may be taken of the show. Photos will be available on-line for use in newsletters etc.

We will call the week of your booking and will arrive on site 1 hour prior to show time, students may be brought in 15 minutes prior to show time. We strive to begin every show on time for your convenience! We will require 1/2 hour to pack up after our 1 hour show. This means we will be in your space for a total of 2.5 hours for a 1 hour show. More information call 306.683-9460