Ticket Info

Welcome to our online ticket system.
We want to make sure you get the tickets you’re after so when you order tickets watch for THREE emails.

1. Order confirmation.  This email comes from Wide Open saying that you have ordered tickets.  This is not your ticket.

2. Paypal confirmation.  This email comes from Paypal saying you have spent $x at Wide Open.  This is not your ticket. (you won’t get this email if paying by season subscription)

3. Your Tickets!  This email comes from Wide Open and is your ticket.  It looks like a square with show and ticket number information in it, as well as a scannable bar code.  Please bring this ticket to the show.

Common Questions:

I didn’t complete my order but I got an email that says I ordered tickets.

Read the email- if it is the order confirmation it is not a ticket.  Ticket emails contain a ticket with a bar code.

I ‘paid’ as a Season Ticket Holder but I did not buy a Season Ticket (and I received a ticket email with a bar code).

We verify tickets made with this payment method before each performance.  We will email you for payment or you can pay at the door.  Your ticket is invalid.

I have season tickets, how to I reserve my tickets online?

Choose ‘Season Ticket Holder’ as your payment method.  You will not be required to enter credit card info and your ticket will be emailed to you.  We will verify that you are a ticket holder and see you at the show!

How do I know if I have season tickets?

You bought season tickets and we sent you a ticket that says ‘season ticket’ on it (by email) or you picked up your season ticket from Crispi, Jackie or Fran.  We verify these tickets for every performance against our season subscriber list and will email you if there is an error.  Confused? Call/Text us at 306-683-9460.

When should I not pay online?

If you are a group of 10 or more we will give you a discount!  Email or call us for more information since this is not automated on our system. 683-9460

Payment Methods?

The Paypal button will allow you to pay online with paypal or with credit card.  You do not have to have a paypal account to use this feature.  Choose ‘pay without signing up’ to enter your credit card information.

Show tickets online says ‘Expired’?

We sell tickets online until 11:59pm the night before the performance.  After this you may buy tickets at the door.  If there are no tickets remaining it will say ‘sold out’.  ‘Expired’ tickets are still available at the door with cash or credit.  Doors open 1/2 hour to show time.

Do you have a coupon?  

If you have a coupon for one child free with adult admission you can still purchase tickets online!  Choose your show date and time, add an adult ticket and an infant ticket ($0) to your cart.  Checkout with credit card or paypal and bring your coupon to the show.  Your infant ticket will be redeemed as a child ticket with your coupon at the door.

What can we expect at the venue?

The Refinery is a split level.  The lobby and box office is located in the basement.  The performance space and ladies washroom is upstairs.  Check in at the box office on arrival to buy tickets or pick up online tickets. We have a concession with coffee, juice and treats.  There are tables, chairs, books to read and colouring while you wait for the performance to begin.  We open the performance space 5 minutes before the show starts and you can make your way upstairs.  There are no assigned seats and lots of carpet space for people to sit up close to the theatre.  See Samuel give us a tour of the lobby here.  And a tour of the theatre here.


There are no photography or videos allowed of the performances.  After the show is over we will come out with some puppets for photos with you and your kids.  We love to see these shots!  Post them on our facebook page to share 😉