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I just wanted to say how WONDERFUL & ENTERTAINING the puppet show was on Wednesday. Ashley, Caitlyn and Jacklyn did a fantastic job!!! They were so professional, funny and had so MUCH energy. We can’t wait until next year for your next show!!!

Rhonda Gregus, St. Michael’s School, Bow Island

Once again my students and staff were very impressed with the show. The performers were very enthusiastic and well prepared. All of our students from Pre-K to Grade 8 enjoyed the show.
Columbia School, Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Today we had a puppet show at our school and I must tell you how impressed we were. The teachers and students just loved it. The Grade One teacher said “that was the best puppet show I have ever seen!”. All the teachers agreed. We were impressed with how engaged the students were.

I was impressed with how the three performers took charge and organized the students and make everything so easy for us. Thanks again for a great morning!

Lin Hylton, Principal, Ethel Milliken School

I just wanted to drop you this note to tell you that Mammoth Munsch is all-capitals-with-a-period-after-every-letter F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.!!!  It seems to me that the performers actually enjoy what they’re doing and that they really like kids.  Or they’re just really good at pretending.  And if that’s the case, they deserve an Oscar ‘cause it looked and sounded like they were having a great time!  Our students loved the show, as did the adults.  Thanks for a really great afternoon!!

Janet Jackson, SERT / Vice-Principal, Hepburn School