Half Hour Performances


These shows are intended for pint-sized attention spans (2-6 years old).
The performance is 20 minutes long plus an introduction and conclusion.
We can perform Half Hour Shows for up to 25 children. These are
fast paced shows with just the right amount of educational inspiration.
Wide Open is proud to produce shows that students and caregivers alike
are sure to love.

What is a princess to do when she loses a beloved toy down a well? 
Promise to befriend the slimy frog that can return it! What's it like to share a 
chocolate shake with a frog? How do you take a walk with someone that hops? 
A story of how we're all alike on the inside.

One dark and stormy night a knock at the castle door reveals…a princess? 
For a prince looking for the perfect bride this is too good to be true! 
Intense trials of princess-ness create a show full of audience participation. 
Find out how one earns the title of Princess!

Princess Andrea finds all sorts of adventure in this fairy tale classic. 
When Queen Dracinda sends her on a simple errand Andrea has no idea what's in store for her! 
Watch as she outsmarts a great wolf and saves the day in this hilarious escapade!

Sasha spends her birthday at a restaurant but behaves badly. 
A boisterous girl learns how to behave in public while still having fun.
An interactive birthday adventure.

Princess Andrea refuses to eat breakfast. The queens try everything in
their power to find a breakfast food that she likes. A lesson in try and try 
and try again with lots of audience participation.

The classic Wide Open tale that will keep your little ones singing 
for hours! Pete wants birthday surprises! We see what happens 
when a loud boy gets exactly what he asks for.
Pete learns a lesson in cooperation and appreciating his friends.

What do you do with a boy who won’t take off his Halloween costume? 
Learn to bathe an elephant! A perfect show for any Halloween or orange and black day
event. Lessons in hygiene with lots of song and audience participation!

Santa’s magical bag of presents has gone missing!
Will be Christmas be cancelled? 
Only Santa and his exuberant elves can save the day!